Apr 03

Easter Tic Tac Toe

Growing up I couldn’t wait to get my Easter basket!  My parents never really splurged that much on us kids, but I always knew there was going to be a basket on Easter morning.  My sister and I would fight over who got the pink basket or the purple one.  I think I always lost …

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Apr 02

Easter Chicks

This is my take on an Easter chick.  I found a little inspiration while perusing a new book I purchased called “Cupcakes, Cookies & Pie, Oh, My!“.  The authors have a technique in the book using candy melts for one of their projects, and I thought why not use it for chicken wings???   The …

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Mar 18

Bird’s Nest Cookie

Spring is coming and the birds are busy around here building their nests.  So let’s celebrate their hard work and make some bird’s nest cookies!   Items Needed: Round Sugar Cookies (different sizes) Black Royal Icing Yellow Royal Icing Jordan Almonds Frosting (buttercream or gasp! canned) Food Coloring Coconut Small Baggie Piping Bag and #1 …

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Mar 13

How To Ice A Scalloped Edge Cookie

I was finally able to get myself some square scalloped edge cookie cutters.  I was so excited to make some new cookies with them!  But when I started putting down my base coat of royal icing, I had a hard time keeping that nice scalloped edge going and I couldn’t figure out how to do …

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Mar 06

Shamrock Cookies

It seems that my underlying theme on this blog is “keep it simple!”.  I am not an artist.  I really don’t think I have an artistic bone in my body, never have.  It’s very frustrating!!!!  But I try to find ways to compensate for that lack of talent.  My latest accomplishment?  The shamrock, or 3-leaf …

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Mar 01

Zebra Cookies

I have a neighbor across the street having her very first baby shower!  Her and her husband are from Czechoslovakia, and their idea of a baby shower is to celebrate with friends and have a nice evening.  So I asked the mother-to-be where they were registered…..and she just stared at me.  “What is this registered?” …

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Feb 12

Cinnamon Sugar Cookie Hearts

Mmmmmmm…..time to take my new cinnamon sugar cookie recipe and make Valentine’s Day hearts with it. I used the simple toothpick drag technique, so if you’re in a time crunch to get some cookies done, these are for you! I took red and white flood icing, and used a #3 tip.  Put stripes on the cookie, …

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Feb 10

Cinnamon Sugar Cookie Recipe

A friend approached me about doing some cookies for her, and that started me thinking on making some test cookies for her to taste and see which ones she liked best.  Nothing fancy, mind you.  Just making batches of  my Quick Sugar Cookie Recipe and changing the extracts to give different flavors.  Then it dawned …

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Feb 06

Fill Your Heart Sprinkle Cookies

Here I go again with a simple cookie using sprinkles!  Does my use of sprinkles make me lazy??? Or smart? ;) The larger sprinkles really make decorating a cookie fast and simple.  You can find tons online or at your local craft store.  They’re even showing up in grocery stores. I thought a heart tree …

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Feb 03

So Simple My Dog Could Do It!

These cookies are so simple even my dog could make them…if I wanted to eat a hair cookie that is!  Seriously….she sheds a lot! I’ll admit it…..sprinkles are my friends.  Especially when they are large like the ones I used on these cookies.  I found them at my local cake decorating store. Or you can …

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