Mar 18

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Bird’s Nest Cookie

Spring is coming and the birds are busy around here building their nests.  So let’s celebrate their hard work and make some bird’s nest cookies!


Items Needed:

Round Sugar Cookies (different sizes)

Black Royal Icing

Yellow Royal Icing

Jordan Almonds

Frosting (buttercream or gasp! canned)

Food Coloring


Small Baggie

Piping Bag and #1 tip, #12 round tip (star tip optional)


#1 – Using the royal icing and the #1 tip, pipe the faces onto the Jordan Almonds.  Let dry.

#2 – After you decide what colors you want the nests to be, color your coconut.  Put a handful of coconut into the baggie, add a drop of food coloring, and then seal the bag with a little bit of air in it.

Now shake!  You might get some clumps of dark color on your coconut, but you can break that up with your fingers.  The result….pretty coconut.

#3 – Next, color your frosting.  You can go ahead and make your own buttercream, but if time and/or patience is a factor……patience is my downfall…..use the canned frosting.

I went the extra mile of laziness and picked up strawberry icing so I wouldn’t have to color any pink!

#4 – Put your colored icing into your bags that have either a large round tip, such as a #12 or a large star tip attached.

Pipe the icing onto the cookie, insert your little birdie, and then sprinkle with the coconut.

I love the pink ones, but these green ones are cute as well.  The color I used is Electric Green.

I hope you can give these cookies a try.  They’re super easy to do and fun to look at!

Happy Decorating! – Linda


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