Apr 03

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Easter Tic Tac Toe

Growing up I couldn’t wait to get my Easter basket!  My parents never really splurged that much on us kids, but I always knew there was going to be a basket on Easter morning.  My sister and I would fight over who got the pink basket or the purple one.  I think I always lost out on that one because she was older and pulled rank! :)

Nowadays I watch my god-sons go on their hunt for eggs in the yard, and watch the sugar high build up…..scary!  Those jelly beans sure do pack a punch.  This year I thought why not add a game to the basket, and maybe the ingestion of sugar *might* slow down……ah, probably not!  But it was worth a try. :)

Start with 2 large square cookies.  Using royal icing colored pink and green, pipe on the grid.  Let it dry completely before flooding the squares with white royal icing.

For the tic-tac-toe pieces, I used mini cutters, and used a theme for each game.

Chicks & Eggs

Bunnies & Carrots

I packaged the cookies in cellophane bags and made up some tags. (Click  Here For The Free Printable)

And into the basket they went along with my Easter Chicks.

Will it reduce the sugar high?  Well, probably not.  They are sugar cookies after all.  But maybe they’ll slow ‘em down a bit???

Happy Decorating! – Linda

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