Feb 03

Who’s Ready For Some Football???

It’s Superbowl time!  Which means great food to munch on and hopefully some great commercials coming our way. And since I’ve never made football themed cookies before, I thought I would give it a try.  I’m pretty sure I’ll be watching the game at a friend’s house which means that people other than my neighbors(who …

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Jan 30

Sparkle Hearts

What’s the easiest and simplest way to jazz up a cookie?  Sanding sugar!  It makes your cookie blingy.  (Is that a word?  I better get  my dictionary out.)   In my pantry there are several containers of colored sanding sugar, a.k.a. sprinkles, a.k.a. colored sugar.  I went hog wild one day ordering stuff on-line.  So …

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Jan 18

Identity Crisis Over!

Nobody ever tells you that the hardest part of starting a blog is picking your colors!!  My lands!  I’ve spent the last couple of months pulling my hair out trying to find something that “matches” my personality. First, it was this… because Halloween is my favorite holiday and I love orange.  But it sure did …

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Dec 12

Snowman Face Cookie

I’ve been making this guy for a couple of years now.  He always seems to steal the show when I put him on the plate with the other cookies.  Maybe it’s just because everyone loves a smile??? Items Needed: Round Sugar Cookie White Flood Icing (in a bowl) White Icing (in a bag with #2 …

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Dec 08

Snowflake Cookie

This has been one of my favorite cookies for the holidays for years.  It’s simple enough yet can be elegant at the same time.   You can leave it with just the icing or add sprinkles, and you can change the colors as well.  Maybe a red background with white piping?  Hmmm…I think I might try that. …

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Nov 29

Christmas Cookies, Yay!

I say “yay!” because I’ve been waiting to do my very first Christmas post.  But it’s not like I’ve been sitting around doing nothing!  I’ve been preparing for my Annual Gingerbread House Decorating Party.  (You can see it by going to my site Gingerbread House How To)  And while I love doing this party, it’s …

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Nov 14

Acorn Cookie

Fall continues, leaves are finally changing color here in California and actually starting to drop.  Goodness! It’s mid-November.  We had such a late summer.  But I like the cooler weather because it makes me want to stay indoors and bake.  My latest creation is an acorn cookie.  It’s pretty simple really, but I jazzed it …

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Nov 09

Oak Leaf Cookie

Fall colors are my absolute favorite of the year!  I really love the various shades of reds and burnt oranges.  And the oak leaf is perfect for displaying those colors.  Nowadays it’s easy to find fall themed cookie cutters in the store, so get some and experiment! Items Needed: Sugar Cookie Brown Icing (in a …

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Nov 08

Owl Cookie

I was in the grocery store the other day and saw that they had some fall cookie cutters, and in the bag I noticed they had an owl.  I already had the other shapes in the bag, so did I really want to spend the money just to get an owl cookie cutter?  Well, I …

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Nov 06

Royal Icing Recipe

Royal icing is the most common icing for decorating cookies.  Use buttercream icing if you’re just icing the tops and putting sprinkles on, but royal icing if you’re going to be doing designs.  I would say it’s impossible to screw up the recipe, but unfortuantely, I know better.  You can underbeat, overbeat, add too much …

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