Mar 06

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Shamrock Cookies

It seems that my underlying theme on this blog is “keep it simple!”.  I am not an artist.  I really don’t think I have an artistic bone in my body, never have.  It’s very frustrating!!!!  But I try to find ways to compensate for that lack of talent.  My latest accomplishment?  The shamrock, or 3-leaf clover.

I began with finding an image of a clover, such as the one below, re-sizing it to what would fit on my cookie, then cut it out.

I placed the template onto a completely dried iced cookie and traced it with an edible marker.

From there, you can decorate your shamrock however you want!




One template, 3 very different but simple cookies.  And not an ounce of drawing ability needed!

Happy Decorating! – Linda

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  1. Debbie Sieber

    What a clever tip!!! I’m not artistic either (that gene skipped a generation), and I CANNOT freehand worth a darn. I just bought my first edible pens on Saturday and was thinking stencils, but this opens other many opportunities!! Thank you for sharing!!!

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