Feb 03

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So Simple My Dog Could Do It!

These cookies are so simple even my dog could make them…if I wanted to eat a hair cookie that is!  Seriously….she sheds a lot!

I’ll admit it…..sprinkles are my friends.  Especially when they are large like the ones I used on these cookies.  I found them at my local cake decorating store.

Or you can find them here.


First I outlined the cookie using my flood icing, filled it in, and while it was still wet, dropped a heart into the icing.  If you’re not a “master dropper”……you can do what I did and take a toothpick to move the heart around to put it where you want.


Seriously….even my dog Kali could do it if I let her…and she wasn’t so busy tearing up stuff. :)


Happy Decorating! – Linda


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