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Zebra Cookies

I have a neighbor across the street having her very first baby shower!  Her and her husband are from Czechoslovakia, and their idea of a baby shower is to celebrate with friends and have a nice evening.  So I asked the mother-to-be where they were registered…..and she just stared at me.  “What is this registered?” she asked.

So I explained to her that they can go to a store, register, and create a wish list of what they wanted and needed for the baby, thus making it easy on the guests to shop.  Her reply was…..”just get us gift card”.  “No No No….you’re doing it wrong!” was my reply!  “Getting a gift card takes all the joy out of it for the guests!  We want to oohhh and ahhhhh when we buy your present!”  And really, isn’t it my duty as an American to bestow upon them the commercialization aspect of expecting a child?????

But I digress, mainly because there’s more to this story than I care to type right now…   :)  But since this was her first baby shower, I wanted to do something special.  And taking a page out of Marian’s (Sweetopia) notebook…book…bible???…I decided to make cookies using the zebra on the baby blanket that I had bought for the occasion.

I think they turned out fairly well for being my first animal themed cookie.

I started with drawing the outline on the cookie using a food marker, then outlining in black icing, flooding the inside of the cookie, and then adding the stripes and details.

Since I didn’t have room on the cookie for the palm tree and grass, I just made those separate cookies.

I was so happy that these turned out as well as they did.  I also did some duckies that might show up in another post, if I can figure out how to tweak the lighting on the pictures!  And my friends really appreciated that I took the time to recreate the zebra, so hopefully I added to their wonderful baby shower experience.

Happy Decorating! – Linda

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